This book will take you step by step through building a fully featured webinar application based on real-time technologies. By the end of the book, you'll have an application with two way video/audio chat, text chat, polling, and more. The example application is built in Node.js, but no experience is necessary in order to complete the tutorials. We'll show you the code each step of the way, and there is complete sample code available online for each chapter so that you can pick up working code at any point in the book.

Throughout the book you will gain valuable experience with a professional grade publish/subscribe tool. We will build the application using PubNub to demonstrate the key concepts of real-time messaging with an industry leading platform. However, we will also show you examples of how to accomplish the same functionality using other publish/subscribe frameworks so that you can make your own choice. We will use these techniques to implement a simple text chat feature, allowing webinar attendees to ask questions and cast votes. These same basic techniques are what you need to know to build real-time data dashboards, social media applications, Machine-to-Machine application messaging, and more.

One of the most fascinating parts of the HTML5 standard is inclusion of WebRTC - Web Real Time Communications. This evolving standard allows you to integrate video and audio chat directly into the browser, without requiring the user to download any plugins or install additional code. The video and audio channels of WebRTC are Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and fully encrypted. This allows you to build secure online communication applications even for privacy sensitive industries like telemedicine, online education, and corporate communications. But WebRTC is about more than just video chat. A DataChannel feature also allows you to build P2P file exchanges or networking applications directly in the browser. We will walk you through the basics of developing applications that take advantage of the cutting edge real-time communication capabilities of WebRTC.


The Team behind this book

This book is the product of a team of talented individuals from software design and development firm AgilityFeat.